Bot of your dreams

Setup Add to Discord open in new window

🎵 Music

The bots capabilities include a completely free multifunctional music player.

🛡️ Auto-moderation

To simplify the work of moderators, auto-moderation functions have been added that will protect your server from spam, phishing links and third-party invitations.

🎉 Giveaways

The functionality of holding giveaways will help you automatically giveaway anything.

✨ Reaction roles

A very useful feature, with the help of which, for example, you can add user verification on your server and much more.

👀 Event logging

It will help you keep track of almost everything that happens on the server.

🖐 Greetings and leave messages

You can configure sending certain messages when a user joins and leaves, as well as automatically giving a role when joining the server.

🔧 Bot management

Bot configuration is done as simply as possible.

🛠️ Utilities

The bots command set includes a multitude of commands for viewing various information.

✏️ Text

The bot has a lot of commands for text operations.

🖼️ Images

You have access to a large set of commands for editing images.

⚙️ Moderation

And of course, the bot has a basic set of commands for moderation.