This page provides help to help customize the bot for you and your server.

Adding the bot

To add the bot to your server, you need to go to the invite pageopen in new window and select the server to which you want to add the bot.

In the last window, you will see the rights that the bot requests when adding to the server. If you do not want to grant the bot the specified rights, you can uncheck the boxes and add the bot without rights in order to configure the bots rights on the server yourself.

We recommend that you do not touch the checkboxes so that all functions work smoothly.

Commands setup

Discord has built-in ability to fine-tune Slash commands. If you need to customize the permissions to execute commands, disallow them for certain members, or anything else, go to Integrations category in your server settings (only available from PC).


If you need to change the language of the bot, you can do this using the /lang <new language> command.


Each server has a small list of configurations that are responsible for certain features. These are documented in separate section.