Introduction to the module of greeting new users.


This module allows you to greet new member, as well as giving them specific role and sending a message.


The module can be configured via the /welcome command. After sending the command you will see the control panel, with the help of which you can enable or disable the module, change the message and so on.

What is configurable?

You can configure following settings:

  • Whether the module is enabled
  • Greeting role (the role that will be given to a new user)
  • Greeting messages (bot will choose random message and send it upon user join)
  • Channel to send message in

Message variables

You can use variables in the message. They should be specified in double brackets {{...}}. The available variables are:

guildServer name
guild.idServer ID
guild.memberCountMember count of the server
userMention of the user who joined the server
user.idTheir ID
user.tagTheir tag
user.registeredTheir registration date

Example: {{user.tag}} joined our server! There are {{guild.memberCount}} members on the server.